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Payment Problems

Life often throws us a curve ball or we hit an unplanned bend in the road. At MFC, we understand this. If the unexpected has happened in your life and you are experiencing financial challenges, read more about the options available to you here.

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I can't make my payment this

If a single, unforeseen expense has come your way and you just can't make a single instalment, read more here.

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I can't make my payment for the next few months

If misfortune has hit and you are uncertain about when you will be able to afford your vehicle finance instalment again, find out what your options are here.

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I've paid, but I received a late payment notification

If you have paid your loan instalment, but still received a notification from MFC, there’s probably a simple explanation. Read more here.

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I can cover my monthly instalments, but it's too much of a struggle.

If you are able to pay your monthly loan instalments, but find that it's a big financial strain, read more here.

Questions About Payment


Find out more about common payment problems and your options with MFC.

We answer questions about

  • Arrear accounts
  • Legal accounts
  • Debt review accounts